Perhaps our strongest endorsement is the many Agencies, Physicians, Clinics and Attorneys who continue to request our services year after year. Here are just a few of the written comments we have received from actual Gestational Carriers, Donors and Parents;

You are wonderful, very understanding, friendly and knowledgeable
Thank you for being a kind, caring and supportive part of this process
You were just great, easy to talk to and you made me feel comfortable
I definitely felt more relaxed about the process after talking with you. Every question was answered thoroughly
I really appreciate that you have been through this yourself and that you took the time to share your experience as an intended parent – it really eased my mind.
Everything was very clear – I wouldn’t change anything (that you do). Thank you for helping me understand more about the joy that I will help bring to the world
Dr. Marnella, you are wonderful. Thanks. I had a wonderful 'journey' and delivered a beautiful baby girl with your help
Surrogates have support groups – parents are more on their own. Thanks for filling that gap
You are fantastic, very organized and so accommodating. It was a pleasure to talk to you
You did a great job ob explain the entire process and answering my questions. I felt a lot more confident by the time I left
You are the only resource in this entire process that was able to put all the pieces together for us. Thank you.
The process was great. I came in with fear of the unknown and left excited. It is nice to know I have professional and moral support
You have made the process much easier. I have never met a nicer group of medical professionals…
If I ever do this again I will want it to be with you
My experience (with you) went so well that it couldn’t be improved
As intended parents I couldn’t understand why we would need to talk with you but after It was over I knew why and I was so happy we did.
You anticipated every question we had. It was absolutely wonderful
You are awesome!

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